The Loveland Business Partnership supports current business issues in Loveland. As Loveland continues to grow and thrive, LBP works with the Loveland business community, city leaders and educators to create, fund and lead initiatives that boost Loveland’s economic development. We support the innovation efforts of The Warehouse and companies housed there – they are creating the jobs of the future.

Our Vision

To see the City of Loveland become a state and national leader in business, innovation and quality of life.

Our Guiding Principles

  • In our dynamic and growing economy, fostering a diverse business landscape and workforce today will create a stable and strong future.
  • When the city and business community are in direct communication, they’re able to more efficiently and effectively serve the common goal of enhancing our economy.
  • Loveland is an amazing place to live and work, and we must do everything we can to encourage smart growth and future prosperity.
  • Harnessing the community’s wide pool of talent and resources is the most effective and efficient way to accomplish our shared goals and initiatives.